tilt yoga

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Students are led through a series of dynamic postures, designed to open the body and calm the mind. The focus of this class is on developing strength and flexibility, while cultivating concentration and bringing awareness to the body. This class is open to students of all levels and allows for each student to develop and nourish a personal practice.

This yoga class is for all levels. Basics provides a detailed level of correct adjustment and positioning for new or experienced yogis. You will learn the correct placement for each position. This class will allow the inexperienced to jump into all level classes with confidence, while providing yogis that have been practicing for years to expand, safely enhance and deepen their practice. This class will include slow flow and one on one attention by the instructor in a group setting.


Mom and Baby yoga is a yoga class specifically designed to help you recover from the impact of pregnancy and birth on your body, and to cope with the physical and mental challenges of new motherhood. We focus on relieving common aches and pains associated with caring for a new baby, (shoulders, neck, lower back), as well as helping you to rebuild and tone the abs and pelvic floor. This is a great class to relax and connect with your baby and meet other moms in a lighthearted, and fun atmosphere. Babies are welcome until they are crawling and sometimes involved in the practice. You are welcome to do anything with them you would do at home-including feeding, changing diapers, and all manners of soothing. You may also arrive up to 20 minutes late for class as babies do not always conform to the adult world schedule. A great way to ease back into yoga and make friends with your new body.


Power Hour is a vinyasa based flow that will challenge you. The classes are powerful and energizing. During Power Hour your mind/body connection will grow and expand. With an awareness of alignment and flow you will be exposed to poses that will test your limitations in a safe environment.


Private sessions are geared towards providing clients with a specialized and specific yoga practice tailored to the specific needs of that client.


This class is designed for pregnant women who are both new to yoga and for those who have a continuing practice. Students will learn poses and modifications for all stages of pregnancy, with a focus on increasing strength, flexibility, and tone. Women will bond with their babies through relaxation practice, developing breathing techniques that will be valuable throughout pregnancy, as well as during the labor and delivery process. Prenatal yoga is an excellent way to nourish and to develop a deeper trust in the body during pregnancy and beyond.


This class is designed to connect the mind and body through the union of slow flowing postures and breath. The slow deliberate sequencing and the long holding of positions will challenge your body as well as your mind.


Relax and renew yoga is a combination of stress relieving restorative poses, self massage and slow modified yoga flow. The sequence of the practice will melt away your day, calm internal and external noise to emerge renewed and invigorated. This is an all levels class that will use props.


This all-levels class moves students through a gentle flow including restorative poses to help the body and mind find union in a deep and quiet relaxation. Props are used to support the body and help students invite rest and relaxation into their day.

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