"Hallie was fantastic!! Best yoga class of my life!" Anna W

"I'm new to yoga and Hallie not only showed me the physical benefits but introduced me to the mental aspects of yoga as well. I would definitely recommend Hallie's classes." 

"AMAZING class!" Christina B

"Thank you again for teaching, the class...was amazing and much appreciated." Rachel C

"You are an awesome instructor and you made me feel totally relaxed!! I loved doing yoga with you, Hallie" Susan B

"I LOVED my private yoga session. Hallie is an awesome yoga instructor!!!"

"We had a wonderful class yesterday! Thank you Hallie for leading such an amazing class!" -Lululemon Athleta Prudential Center Boston, MA

The Boston Day Book  Natalie K

"I downloaded an app...which had high ratings for guided meditation but after doing it today I realized [more] reason[s] why I liked yours better...just wanted to let you know you're still the best. You have a very soothing voice."  David P

"All of us had a wonderful time and enjoyed the class quite a bit...I will be sure to mention your name...to all who are looking for a special yoga and wellness experience." Jill D

"Your voice is amazing, so relaxing. I could have stayed laying down forever." Sadie O

"I loved it!!!! So much. Ma-jor." Martha P

"Hallie--thanks for a great session of stretching this morning. I felt great today. I have definitely come a long way in 6+ months due to your help."  David D

Stray With Me  Steven V

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